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I WON!!! I FREAKIN’ WON!!! Guardians of the Galaxy premiere here I come!! Thanks Marvel for the appreciation :D

Finished my starlord buckle this weekend

Finished my starlord buckle this weekend

I’ve decided to change up my guns almost finished painting them


Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay post 1 of ? Our esteemed photographer took nearly 100 amazing photos so there will be several posts. It was so hard to narrow it down any at ALL.

Gamora is me, Jay Justice

Nebula is  lallyinthesky /LallyCosplay (yes, she was the first Nebula cosplayer to meet Karen Gillan & was brought on stage at con, she is absolute perfection and we are so proud of her)

Star-Lord is @ramblingsofayoungman

All photos by amindonamission.

Note: these costumes were made prior to the film’s release, and prior to any extended trailers or previews. A moment of silence for the tears of frustration shed by the costumers over trying to make a costume based on blurry screencaps, images of unreleased action figures and wildly varying promotional art. At one point I just said FUKK DIS SHYT and gave up on any pretense of accuracy. It is what it is, see y’all when the film drops. LOL